New Partners join as PEPFAR phases out funds

Airborne Lifeline has been operating in Botswana since 2007. We have come a long way with the Ministry of Health and have served thousands of Batswana over the years transporting specialist medical personnel to outreach sites on a regularly scheduled basis. With the eminent knowledge of the PEPFAR funding coming to an end we at Airborne embarked on a journey to secure private partnerships with local businesses to assist us in ensuring the continuity of the work that we do together with our partners.

We secured a partnership with Cresta for accommodation throughout the country for the doctors and crew that travelled at a discounted rate. We secured a partnership with Choppies Distribution Centre for the use of their company aircraft for the flights . Today, we are here to welcome Air Botswana as a new partner. We wish to thank and acknowledge them for offering several tickets to the doctors travelling on outreach. The tickets will be used to Francistown, Maun and Kasane, allowing Airborne Lifeline to transport the doctors to further destinations within Ngamiland and the Chobe district.

Flying medical doctors to remote clinics over vast distances might be deemed a luxury, but  it takes special people to leave the comfort of their own environment and travel to rural places to visit patients in need. The round trip by road to and from Gaborone costs two working days and is exhausting. For this reason, Airborne has created the service to provide a time-saving and comfortable manner of transporting the doctors throughout the country. Airborne flies the doctors to the clinics in the early morning where they spend a full day at work and returns them to Gaborone that evening

Airborne outreach ensures that HIV-specific clinical support is provided to rural areas burdened by high HIV. HIV specialists in paediatric and adult services attend every flight. Other specialists include orthopaedics, Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists, oncologists, neurosurgeons and psychiatrists.  Allied health professionals, including nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians, radiology technicians, and psychologists, are regularly present on the flights.

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