Airborne Lifeline Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that works in public-private partnerships with host governments, major medical organizations, individual volunteer medical professionals, and donor organizations to provide air transportation and programmatic and logistical support for medical missions to reach previously unserved and under-served people in developing countries. All Airborne aircraft are flown by professional commercial pilots and are maintained to U.S. FAA specifications by certified mechanics working under the direction of our partner organization, NAC (National Airways Corporation) Botswana.

How can I make a donation to help Airborne grow?    Donations of cash, goods or services, and estate gifts are welcome. We have created an online form through the global non-profit partnership group Network for Good to handle donations. The link to this page is here.  You can also send donations to us at:

Airborne Lifeline Foundation
PO Box 156
Paeonian Springs, VA  20129

Can I donate and airplane?    Airborne is in a unique position to accept aircraft donations and can make very good use of certain types of airplanes. There are certain factors that limit the number of aircraft that can be used in Africa. For more information on how we handle aircraft donations, please click here.

Can I volunteer my time?     We welcome inquires from interested people who would like to help. Send us an email at info@airbornelineline.org.

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